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Rolling Eyes

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Step One
Today you will be taught how to draw the general and basic anime eye. You wull learn how to use proper guidelines as well as placement so that your anime eyes look as good as possible.P lease be aware that tutoriual fuces on only one of the many techniques possible for creating anime eyes. The purpose of this tutorial is to educate you so that you can learn and adapt as you see fit.

Step two:
To begin drawing an anime eye all you need to do is start off with a rough quick sketch. Be sure to lightly skeptch the figure drawn below.

Step Three:
In this step we defome the upper and lower brim of the eye. As you can see it is still based on the block drawn in the previous step..

Step Four:
We begin with adding the pupil of the eye. Please remember that this is a build up process and that all steps are necessary.

Step Five:
For this step we will mainly add in some basic fetail lines hat will be building upon tin the future stpes. Be sure to use the image blow as a guide.

Step Six:
At this point we begin to add the various inner workings of the eyes such as the defined pupil, highlights and areas that will hilp bring out the eye. Anime characters are basically known by there eyes.

Step Seven:
In this step we will fill in some of the parts of the eye that are needed to bring out it's body. The eye is almost complete at this stage but there is still more that can be done.

Step Eight:
In this last step be sure to add in the lines across the eye for decoration as well as the eye lashed of the top and bottom rims of the eye. Also an eyebrow can be added to finish everything off.

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